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The Pro Gel Application Advice 


Prep the natural nails by pushing back the cuticles and removing any surface shine from the nails with a buffer.


Remove any dust and wipe over the nail with pure acetone this will remove any surface contaminants and also temporarily dehydrate the natural nail ready for your base coat of choice to be applied.


Base Coat is super sticky!!

Apply a thin layer over the natural nail and cure for 60 seconds - The Pro Gel base Coat is great because it doesn’t leave a stubborn  residue on the nail as it’s removed.


The Pro Gel Base Coat is also great to use with other brands - if the brand you use doesn’t have a strong inhibition layer to press foil or glitter into. Apply a thin layer of base coat on top of the cured gel colour cure base coat for 60 seconds then use your foil or glitter as desired. 


The Pro Gel colour coats need to be applied in a thin to medium layer, these layers are buildable so that you can decide what level of coverage you or your quiet client would like.


When using The Pro Gel mixed glitter polishes such as marina or aerial we recommend you apply thin-layer curing for 60 seconds then apply a second thicker layer and move the pieces of glitter around with your brush to ensure you achieve and all over glitter coverage. 


The Pro Gel Top Coat is super shiny apply a thin layer over you gel colour layers - you can double top coat if your using rough glitters or if your client needs more strength - apply the first top coat layer and part cure for 30 seconds  then apply the second layer and cure fully for 60 seconds. 


The Pro Gel Top Coat is non wipe so simply apply oil after curing and your client is good to go. 


The Pro Gel Ultra Base can be used either as a thin strengthen layer under your gel colours coats from any brand or it’s buildable so you can build a natural nail overlay like you would do with a builder gel. 


The Pro Gel Ultra base is buildable so if you client is struggling to keep her gel polish in you can apply a thin layer on or chose to apply a thicker more dense layer or ultra base - please be mindful that additional thickness and layers are great but then will effect the soak off time when the client returns. 


The Pro Gel Ultra Base can also be used for extensions using a tips or sculpting - we’d recommend you using Ultra Base for short tipped or sculpted extensions.


Matt Top Coat Can be applied over any colour to give it a Matt finish - it’s a true Matt so the finish can look chalky rather than a satin Matt finish - this is also a non wipe top coat.


The Pro Gel is 100% Gel Polish so it’s removal it’s a process it may take 10-15 minutes to remove depending on how many layers your applied also if you’ve used glitter nail art etc.


To remove use a 180 grit file to break through or fully remove top coat layer then apply cotton wool soaked in pure acetone and foil to each nail allowing it to stay soaked for 10-12 minutes.


Then gently ease off the softened gel coats gradually and safely taking care not to force off anything that’s not soft.


You may need to re soak the cotton wool and re wrap and repeat the process until the gel is fully removed. 


Once removed prep the nail as you usually would and continue with your service.  

We hope this helps if you have any further questions please feel free to email us at, be sure to follow us on socials @theprogeluk.


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