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A charming 8 bottle pastel gel colour collection of affirmations, carefully curated to inspire and prompt positive thinking in your creativity.

Each shade has been handpicked to compliment any outfit or skin tone and our pigmented formula makes pastels a breeze to apply.


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You are generous, generous with you feeling, energy and love and so much more! 


Minty fresh spring green, created of course by boss lady Alex who's a sucker for a green! 


#theprogelgenerous #theprogelinspirecollection 



You are strong! the strength you possess is unlimited, there is nothing you can not push through and come back fighting from.


Crisp blue with a hint of green thrown in for good measure, a truly unique eye catching ProGel shade.






You are gracious, showing respect and kindness even when treated poorly, mindful of how your actions and words can effect others reacting with calm thoughtfulness.


A cream yes you heard it!! following a lot of feedback we developed a cream gel shade for our ProGel customers xx







You are thoughtful, considerate of your  own feelings and triggers.

You are attentive to your own physical and emotional needs and desires.


Thoughtful has such a stunning rich punch of colour, truly beautiful for this season!






You are cherished! Even in the darkest days please know there are people out there who truly cherish you! They are that you exist and you bring light into their lives.


Cherish brights up every mani cream bigly pigmented full coverage formula pastel yellow.






You have patience! Patience towards yourself when you are struggling, you allow yourself the time to process and give yourself permission to take as long as it takes to feel better.


Patience is a light orange shade with peach undertones.






You deserve harmony! You focus on and prioritise your own inner peach and strive for harmony in all areas of your live avoiding drama and upset.


Harmony is a pretty light orange pastel shade gel perfect for the transition from spring into summer! 






You are thankful! You are thankful for the opportunities each day brings you to grow and develop as a person.


Soft & luxurious thankful is a gorgeous lilac shade.






Inspire Collection

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