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TheProGel Pro Cordless Rechargable LED Lamp. 60W lamp, specifically designed to cure TPG products perfectly (even those pesky thumbs). With a quick charge time yet long battery life, it will fast become a salon essential you don’t know how you ever lived without!



• Cures TPG gel products perfectly in 60 seconds

• Optimised for professional and salon use

• 42 Auto Sensing LED lights

• Dropped LEDs to cure thumbs perfectly

• Cures evenly everytime

• Cordless with a rechargeable, long lasting battery

• Removable base for pedicures

• Low heat mode to avoid heat spikes

• UV/LED Combined Lights (wavelength 365 + 395nm)

• 1 year warranty Specifications:

• Power: 60W

• Charger Output: 12.6V 1A

• Wavelength: 365 + 395nm

• Battery: Dual Lithium Ion

• Battery Life: Rechargeable approx 1000 times

• Storage/Useage Temp: 10-45 degrees Celsius

• Dimensions: 22.5 x 20.5 x 9.5 CM

Pro Cordless Lamp

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