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Introducing The Blooming Lovely Collection. Eight sumptuous shades inspired by the fresh and colourful blooms of spring flower season. 




Just like the spring time flowers, Tulip is bold, bright and striking. A pretty pink shade with just the right amount of red and orange undertones, she is the perfect choice for a stand out spring time mani or a pleasing pedi. 



Meet Marigold, our ‘Golden Girl’. Reminiscent of our favourite golden flowers, Marigold is a pretty, peach shade that is set to bring the sunshine to your mani, regardless of the weather.



Like our fave wild flowers… She’s bright, she’s blue and she’s beautiful! Are you ready to turn heads this spring? Add a splash of colour to your mani with Bluebell, a cool toned, creamy, sky blue shade.



Just like every garden needs a Primrose, every collection needs a nude. This mid toned, dusky pink is the key to timeless, classy, spring manicures and will fast become a staple shade on your shelf this season. 



We all know Spring is near when the Crocus flowers appear, so we created a shade set to bring the spring. Crocus is a striking purple with a dash of sweet pink undertones and the perfect accessory for your S/S wardrobe. 



Wallflowers are known for their vibrant colours and our Wallflower is no different. A loud and lively turquoise shade that will inspire confidence and make your mani centre of attention at every event. 



Dainty and delicate, Sweetpea is just as pretty as her flowery counterpart. A soft, romantic, rose pink shade with the added warmth of spring sunshine. Pair with flecks of gold leaf for a mani that oozes elegance. 



Peony’s will brighten any bouquet in an instant… So we wanted to bottle that effect. This proud and punchy bright pink is guaranteed to bring the sunshine and shine a light on your mani this S/S season. 

The Blooming Lovely Full Collection

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